About Winfluence

Winfluence is an international training company based in the South of France which specialises in developing speaking and presenting skills and chairing dynamic meetings to improve the performance of everyone from new recruits to senior executives. Successful speaking skills are a cornerstone for team-members, managers and business leaders. We bring career-enhancing training to deal with presentation stress, selecting content and masterful delivery to your company's employees. A pool of great presenters adds stature, style and influence to your company's reputation.

win-presentationsDelivering our message in an effective and convincing way, whether on a one-to-one encounter or to a full audience; we are judged by the way we make a presentation. Whether it is giving a progress update, seeking support, solving a problem or persuading an audience to take action we are assessed by how well we have chosen and organised the content, how we deliver it and whether we are confident and persuasive. High performing business leaders consider strong presenting skills an essential skill.

We explore every aspect of making a positive impact when speaking and presenting from:

  • non-verbal communication
  • vocal determination,
  • visual aids, use of slides and paperboards
  • effective preparation
  • choice of key messages
  • emotional impact

Whatever the size of your organisation whether it is a global corporation, a family-run business or a solo enterprise, confident speaking skills are essential to success. Whether your goal is to create impact with an elevator pitch, a persuasive corporate presentation, lead an interactive and dynamic meeting or run a full technical training course, each situation depends on your polished and effective communication skills and enhanced by the use of meaningful and memorable visual aids.

A positive and informative experience is more persuasive, inspiring and memorable for the audience. Whether your role is to meet and greet a single client or to motivate, persuade and inspire a full audience, powerful presenting skills can be learned. Poor communication wastes opportunities and loses business; but competent communication is as much about how we say things as what we say! Winfluence programs allow you to Maximize your Message for impact and performance.

Programs can be delivered in English or French.

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Maryna Blankenstein has coached in presenting skills since the beginning of the biotech era when presenters had the task of attracting financial investors and convincing the media of a medical revolution. Read more


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