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Winfluence brings over 15 years of international experience in training in presenting and speaking skills for business professionals, academics and individuals.  We are bilingual and bi-cultural (English and French) bringing a wider regard to the field of speaking and presenting.

experience Winfluence offers global solutions to individual challenges.  We bring your company and employees all the services to create winning presentations,  lead interactive and dynamic meetings and run optimal training programs both for internal and external meetings.

global  Our experience in internal communications allows us to optimise meetings, training and oral communications within your company.

internal  Our international experience allows us to meet the needs of multi-national companies and organisations expanding into foreign or global markets.

adopt Our ability to design and adapt programs for individual or group requirements makes us open and adaptable in producing innovative solutions to your company’s needs.  Your challenges stimulate our creativity.  



Maryna Blankenstein has coached in presenting skills since the beginning of the biotech era when presenters had the task of attracting financial investors and convincing the media of a medical revolution. Read more


15 years of international experience

Global solutions to individual challenges

Ability to design and adapt programs

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