What we do

  • coachingCoaching to improve communication skills for professionals; using speaking, behaviour and visual techniques which enhance profiles, stature and impact with internal and external audiences.
  • Communicating key messages in a lively, powerful and meaningful way has become one of the major techniques for managers and directors to influence their colleagues, clients and the media. Whether it is a forty second pitch or a major product launch there is only one opportunity to make a good first impression. 
  • Coaching managers and directors to deliver clear, confident and convincing presentations to an audience of 3 or 3000 comes from rigorous preparation of content and personal training. We build on strengths and shrink obstacles while maximizing the message and exploiting great visuals to deliver captivating speeches.
  • Designing and delivering the Perfect Pitch for internal or external use and being able to convey the essential in an attractive and enticing few sentences is an essential tool for every business person.
  • Running dynamic, interactive and creative meetings improves results, generates more input and interest and generates more creative solutions.
  • Training technical staff to deliver effective, meaningful and enjoyable training programs to colleagues or customers exploits company know-how to enrich the skills base from designers to end-users. 
  • Using creative techniques from neuroscience, visual and performance arts, emotional intelligence and non-violent communication, training and coaching creates a lasting effect on participants and generates a positive influence on colleagues and clients.