designed-for Designed for

dynamic-meetingsEngineers, technicians, sales and marketing people who are called on to host an event with clients. Building relationships and creating rapport are essential for the flow and exchange of ideas, information and/or technical data. The P.O.W.E.R. (Practical, Original, Workable, Exciting, Relevant) workshop training demonstrates how participants from every field can transform traditional meetings into an enjoyable, participative and memorable event.

duration Duration

1 Day

*If appropriate & necessary, an extra day can be scheduled on request to rehearse the event



objectives Objectives

  • As Presenter and Facilitator, to accept the lead role and the footlights
  • To become aware of the natural skills and talents each person can put forward
  • To practise team presentations and fine tune team delivery
  • To acquire the fundamentals of running an interactive workshop
  • To ensure audience comfort and participation
  • To identify hesitations, doubts and uncertainties
  • To be able to respond not only to participants' questions but also to objections that may arise

program-outlines Program Outline

  • Opening the event: welcoming participants; creating an atmosphere to encourage involvement and enjoyment and handling introductions.
  • Cocktail Questions – getting to know each other!
  • Ingredients of a P.O.W.E.R. Workshop

P, POSITIVE – dynamic, interactive program keeps everyone busy and interested

O, ORIGINAL innovative and unusual ideas and strategies

W, WORKABLE - The aim is to enhance customer relationships and secure new business

E, ENJOYABLE , no one should be bored, audience involvement and participation are key

R, RELEVANT – addresses key objectives for optimal returns

  • Performance improvement

Through self appraisal, identifying personal strengths and development areas

  • Organisation and structure of the workshop using T.O.A.S.T. Theme/Objectives/Atmosphere/Sequences/Timing
  • Setting the tone, keeping all the participants involved, meeting everyone's objectives with a buoyant and interesting approach.
  • Presenting with impact

Vocal determination, body-talk, eye contact and dissipating stress & anxiety allow presenters to concentrate on passing key messages, gaining approval and leave a memorable impression.

  • Creating a 'feel-good' closing