designed-for Designed for

meetingsManagers, Engineers, technicians, sales and marketing people who are called on to present to clients, colleagues or suppliers. Anyone who is called on to convey key messages and influence an audience to take action: such as making a decision, supporting a new idea, spreading word about the company.

Speaking in public is a challenge for most people whatever his/her experience. This program is highly participative allowing each person to present from the very beginning.



objectives Objectives

  • To become aware of your natural skills and talents as a presenter
  • Recognise your strengths and development areas
  • Identify both the internal and the external obstacles & hesitations
  • Perfect your communication skills to maximize your message and influence the audience
  • Connect with & involve the audience

program-outlines Program Outline

Getting in touch with & controlling emotions

  • Understanding and overcoming nerves and stage fright
  • Channelling anxiety & stress into positive energy

Non-verbal communication

  • Calm within, calm without
  • Positioning, finding your « balance », using body language, tone & intonation
  • Breathing & vocal determination
  • Eye contact to ensure two way communication


  • Pre-selection of content,
  • Determine techniques to communicate key messages
  • Organisation & the structure of the presentation to ensure audience comfort
  • Selection & preparation of slides and props, a complement, not a substitute for the presenter

Involving the audience

  • The art of Public Speaking (rhetoric, affirmation, repetition.)
  • Generating audience involvement & answering questions
  • Managing difficulties, audience hostility &/or non agreement.

pedagogical Pedagogical Methods

Presenting in Public can be very challenging. Because of this we have designed a program where experiencing and overcoming the obstacles rather than discussing the theory is a priority. Participants will make both prepared and improvised Presentations learning how to optimise the effect of the presentation. Each presentation is followed by high quality feedback and reviews. They will be filmed & reviewed. Feedback will come not only from the trainer but also from the audience.