designed-for Designed for

business-presentationManagers, engineers, technicians, sales and marketing personnel who at any time may be called upon to deliver a 30 – 45 second speech that compels listeners to take a closer look at their business. For anyone, whatever his/her status, who needs to represent the company in the most favourable light, to potential clients, suppliers or the media.

The Perfect Pitch is also designed as a tool for internal communication between different departments and levels of management.

duration Duration

1 day



objectives Objectives

  • Benchmark where you are now; your natural skills and areas of
  • Identify the obstacles, both internal and external to making your Perfect
  • Link with and involve the listener and so wants to know
  • Conceive and deliver a memorable

program-outlines Program Outline

  • Non-verbal communication, cultivating your presence
  • Tone & intonation for a clear message, breathing & vocal determination
  • Preparation
    • Identifying listeners and their expectations
    • Pre-selection of information andmessages to be communicated
    • The organisation of the pitch to ensure clarity and an effective trigger
  • Involving the audience, making the pitch accessible and enjoyable for everyone
  • Ensuring impact
    • Generating a good impression
    • Connecting with the listener
    • Telling a story – the power of emotions
    • Finishing with a flourish – giving interesting information or juicy story