designed-for Designed for

trainingthetrainersEngineers and technical personnel who need to pass on their know-how to other trainers, clients, colleagues and/or end users in a dynamic and interactive way

duration Duration

2 days



objectives Objectives

  • Identify qualities of successful & the downfall of failed workshops
  • Define the responsibilities and qualities of the ideal trainer
  • Overcome personal hesitations, barriers & limiting beliefs; bring out the best in each person
  • Ensure high involvement & optimum participation
  • Offer participants a stage to prepare and rehearse for upcoming training workshops
  • Identify preferred learning styles and master memory aids
  • Program regular progress checks into the program at the design stage

program-outlines Program Outline

  • Introductions & objectives
  • Ingredients of a dynamic and interactive workshop
  • Organisation of a dynamic training session, priorities & preferences, identifying what is achievable
  • Identifying key training messages and how to communicate them
  • Opening & closing a workshop
  • Effective two-way communication; ensuring optimum participation & involvement
  • Creating cohesive groups to include all participants
  • Checking progress –making sure everyone is "on board" and keeping-up
  • Identifying the benefits of: pair, group & team work but also when to work alone
  • Ensuring group dynamics, generating energy & enthusiasm
  • Deciding on follow-up and after-training backup