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Maryna BLANKENSTEIN has worked with the following clients:


gemalto Designing a Train The Trainers program for engineers and technical staff to train, colleagues, clients, and end-users in the world’s number one company for the supply of secure data transfer and storage.
accor Coaching the C.F.O. in Successful Presenting Skills in preparation for the worldwide launch of a company demerger resulting in strong stock-market support.
st Training managers in this fast-paced semiconductor solutions company to improve their impact and influence through Successful Presenting Skills.
honeywell Providing training for middle management in Dynamic Meetings in this Fortune 500 Company. Training interactive strategies for internal and external meetings to create improved communication between colleagues in different divisions and management levels.
OCP O.C.P. is both an economic locomotive for the Kingdom of Morocco and major player in world agriculture. Middle and top managers have benefitted from the Successful Presenting Skills. Many of the skills mastered in this highly participative program are adapted to the Training The Trainer program.
iter Third Intercultural Seminar: “The ITER Expatriate – Meeting Expectations”
Workshop: “Using your Emotional Intelligence in New Environments”.

What our clients say

"Maryna Blankenstein's professionalism and sense of humour make these workshops very efficient and fun. Her training provides useful insight into what is most needed in today's globalized and multicultural teams".

Training Project Manager,
Agence Iter France


"The communicative, interactive and highly dynamic “Presenting for Impact” sessions provided by Winfluence have proven a great success with our managers and teams. Maryna Blankenstein has been a trusted provider on a number of Gemalto’s communications programs and has shown considerable professionalism , adaptability and skill to respond to our business needs while also providing the necessary energy and fun that help our people do their jobs better while enjoying each other in the process".

Christie Deydier, Corporate Human Resources Training Director

"Maryna Blankenstein and her team have provided us with intensive training programs for some years. Her approach to training is professional, creative and innovative which makes these programs popular and successful. Feedback is always positive and highly appreciative. She and her team are adaptable and enthusiastic".

MARK SULLIVAN, Training Director, Personnel and Training Department